Fluval 45 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium Review: Perfect For Fancy Goldfish

Fluval 45 Gallon Bow Front Review

If you are looking to start your very first fish tank then this is my Fluval 45 Gallon Bow Front aquarium review.

The majority of starter kits are just too small for goldfish most are between 10-20 gallons. This is just too small for goldfish. With the 20 you could only house one of the smaller species of goldfish.

With this premium starter kit, you have a very flexible kit. You can house 2 fancy goldfish or an array of tropical fish. Freshwater fish not your thing, this tank would cope really well as a saltwater aquarium.

Let’s open the box as I share my Fluval 45 Gallon Bow Front aquarium Review.

What Exactly Do You Get With This Kit

Fluval is a premium aquatics brand it’s because of the quality they provide with their products. This sleek and sexy glass aquarium is no different (yes, I did call an aquarium sexy).

Since the above video has been filmed their kits now come with LED lights which I would say is a total bonus. These give your new aquarium that wow factor with their fantastic glow.

You also have a Fluval Power C Filter which can hang on the back of the tank. This is a really good filter because it has a 5-stage filtration system. It has two mechanical filters, one chemical and 2 biological.

Fluval strive to give you a clear tank with this technology.

If you are looking for a more powerful filter I would recommend the AquaClear 70 Power Filter, here’s my review.

If you are housing goldfish then you don’t have to worry about the heater. This is a 45-gallon tank and this means that it will hold its temperature pretty well. Plus goldfish like cooler temperatures.

If you prefer tropical fish then fire up the heater. It has a reflective surface to help radiate the heat. This is submersible and will just sit on the tank wall.

As you can see this is a top quality product on its own!

Here are some of the other things that come with this kit…

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Soft Mesh Fish Net
  • Fluval Biological Enhancer
  • Fluval Water Conditioner

Check out my other fish tank recommendations here.

What Else Do You Need To Get Started

When this arrives you could simply unbox this tank, rinse and fill up and start your cycle. Your tank will look pretty bare though.

Most fish will not care about the interior. That is why I tend to keep my tanks looking natural. You won’t find any crazy decorations in my tanks.

That doesn’t mean you can’t, just make sure your aquarium ornaments are fish safe.

For me, I like some tank safe rocks and foliage.

As for tank floor, you can go bare or choose some gravel or sand. I prefer bare as it will stop food getting trapped in the substrate. In my experience, I have never seen a bare floor distress a fish and I think it is more hygienic.

Once you have your decorations clean them and then add them to your tank. All that’s left is to fill the tank up.

What Fish Can You Keep With In This Setup

The beauty of this kit is the flexibility when it comes to choosing fish. The 45 gallon gives you a bigger landscape than most starter aquariums.

Just remember not to clutter the tank with decorations as this will reduce the swimming space for the new fishes.

In a 45-gallon fish tank, I would look at the following fish…

Goldfish: I really have a soft spot for Oranda goldfish they look so smart with the little brain shape on their head. In a 45 gallon tank, you could house 2 Orandas no problem. These are cold water fish so you can leave the heater out.

Angel Fish: These originated in the Amazon Rivers in South America but have become a favorite for most aquarists. They love to look out their tank and get a good feel for their environment. They will respond to stimuli from you or environmental stimuli.

Angels are usually about 4-6 inches. A 45 gallon should hold two no problem. If you add smaller fish with an angel you have to know that the Angel may eat. They are known to be quite cheeky.

As for the smaller fish…

Tetras: Neons are the most common and they usually grow to about 2 inches. Cardinals are another great schooling fish to add in your new tank

Guppies: With this tank, you could add lots of these. They again grow to about two inches. Read my article about mixing guppies with goldfish, if you were thinking of mixing.

Mollies: Beware these are breeders it is recommended that you house two females to one male. As for the amount you can house, I would say about 9. These are beautiful fish and come in a variety of colors.

dalmation molly

My favorite is the Dalmatian Molly.

Fluval C4 Power Filter

The Fluval 45 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium Kit Good Points

The best thing about this premium kit from Fluval is that it really is ready to go. Well, minus the decorations.

You are also not limited to the kind of fish you can keep. Just be careful not to overcrowd your tank or it will be impossible to keep your water clear.

  • The LED lights are beautiful and flush with the design. I love the fact that the lid is sleek. The standard LEDs are bright enough to show off the beauty of your tank. For saltwater, I would look at better lights.
  • The filter is a fantastic choice. It is powerful with its 5 stage filtration process. The best part for me is that it is really silent.
  • The heater is brilliant for a kit heater. Normally these come preset. This one can be set and it has an indicator light and a thermostat.
  • You are given beneficial bacteria as part of the kit. So you can start cycling your tank from day one. I would always cycle the tank for 7 days and then test the water. If any issues cycle a bit longer before adding fish.
  • The provides flexibility, you can add two HOB filters and it even has holes to fit a canister filter too.

Fluval M200 Submersible Heater

The Bad Points About The Fluval 45 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium Kit

This was the hard part for this one. I want to keep this review as real as possible. I love this kit so much though it is hard. If I had to list some negatives it would have to be…

  • The lights are low quality in comparison to the rest provided. You will struggle to keep live plants or convert to a saltwater tank. You definitely would need to upgrade the lighting.
  • If you need a stand which you probably will (your table may not hold this) you need to get one suitable for bow front tanks. These will cost you a little bit more than the normal rectangular tanks.

Fluval 45 Gallon Bow Front Review

My Fluval 45 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium Review

The Fluval 45 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium Kit is a great kit to get you started on your fish keeping journey. It removes the limitations that smaller aquarium tanks come with.

You have more choice when it comes to adding fish.

Unlike most kits that add shoddy filters, preset heaters and that fail to educate new keepers about water cycling. This tank does the complete opposite.

You have a decent Hang on back filter but have the flexibility to add another filter if you need. The heater you get has a thermostat and indicator light.

These pros are definitely not the norm when it comes to aquarium kits.

If you are looking to keep plants or saltwater fish be warned that an LED light upgrade will be needed.

I hope you have enjoyed my honest Fluval 45 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium Review.


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